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The Café provides the funds we need to put on our arts events to raise money for Charity.

For more info call: 343-585-2415

A Bunch of People is a transient group of various enthusiastic people, who  create random artistic, theatre and other events to raise money for charity. We also run the Victoria Street Café, in the historic McCloskey Hotel, 22 Victoria Street,  in Chesterville, On. 

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The Café opened on April 6th, and we had a treat tasting March 23rd.

Dozens of people attended and voted on which sweet treats to serve and the name of the Café which is  now the Victoria Street Café.

October 19, 2019

Pamela Cumming

Dinner Concert

$35 (+ HST)


Works from the 2019 Writing in 150 Competition


September 22, 2019

Encaustic Painting Workshop


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Encaustic copy.jpg