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A Bunch of People and the McCloskey Project 

 Writing in 150 writing competition. 

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Registration Form 

Attention all writers, be ye of novel or essay, poem or song, spoken word or play, come join us for the 2nd Annual  writing competition - Writing in 150. The competition works like this: 


The .pdf file above must be downloaded completed and sent to the email or snail mail address listed in the Form. Deadline to enter the competition is 5:00 pm EST on March 27, 2020.


1.     This competition is done online.

2.     There are three (3) Age Categories: 10-14 yrs., 15-20 yrs.,  21 + yrs.

3.     Participants are invited to write in one of the following genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, spoken word,                song or short play.

4.     The word count limit is 1000 words maximum (but can be less).

5.     For Song Writing, it is expect the music will have been conceived of prior and the writing on the day is the         lyrics and putting it together with the music.

6.     On the day at 10:58 am, we will email you your entrant number (you use this instead of your name to                 ensure blind judging), a blank word document (which has been formatting for printing) and the theme on             which you are to write based on the genre. Fiction writers write on the same theme, poetry writers write on           the same theme, but it is different than the fiction writers theme, and so on.

7.     On or before 1:30 pm, you must email your submission to abunchofpeopleartsandevents@gmail.com. Your           submission will then be emailed to the relevant judges. 

8.     This will be the same for the spoken word & song writers, except we will ask you to live stream yourself               performing your piece (using your phone) and will ask you to live stream it to the A Bunch of People                   Facebook page (we will give you access) from there it will be judged. It will also be available for the                 public to view.

9.     You will all be informed of the winners after the judging takes place.

10.  Writers can be solo, duos or groups (each person must register and pay the $25)

11.  Writers have 2 1/2 hours to write. Please note: Song writer's are expected to come in with the music                 already composed (you will write the lyrics and put it together with the music in 2 1/2 hours), so that you           have enough time. 

12.  After which, the judges read the works and deliberate. During this time, the spoken word and songs will be         performed in front of judges. After which, writers will read from their works. The public is invited to attend this         portion, as well as the announcement of the winners.

13.  The winners will be published in a book by a Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Publishing Inc., which will include         a download link to the Spoken Word and Song winners.

14.  The cost to enter: 25$.



Please note: Each age category within each genre must have 2 writers competing, if not we will cancel that category and refund your money

The winners of the 2019 Writing in 150 writing competition are:

Fiction 10-14 yr. (Theme: ILLUSION)            1st Place: Isaac Poirier

Fiction 21+ yrs. (Theme: ESCAPE)               1st Place: (tied) Marnie Fossit and Jennifer Pretty
                                                            2nd Place: (tied)Taylor White and Sabrina Ventrella

Non-Fiction 21+ yrs. (Theme: COURAGE     1st place: Paul Stockton
                                                            2nd Place: (tied) Terry McDonald and Carolyn Thompson Goddard

Poetry 21+ yrs. (Theme: SALVATION)           1st Place: Frances Ilgunas
                                                            2nd Place: Brian Talmey

Short Play 21+ yrs. (Theme: HUNGER)        1st Place: Sandra McNeil
                                                            2nd Place: Patrick Burger

Spoken Word 21+ yrs. (Theme: SURVIVAL)    Harmony Koiter

Song Writing 21+ yrs (Theme: WATER)        1st Place: Tony Glen
                                                            2nd Place: Rick Ventrella

               CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

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