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A Bunch of People Arts and Events is a federal not-for -profit corporation with headquarters in rural Ontario (Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry in South Eastern Ontario). Working with experienced and amateur actors, musicians, film makers, photographers and visual artists, we produce artistic events to help raise money for local charities. We host most of our events at the historic McCloskey Hotel, 22 Victoria Street, in Chesterville, On. 

Our focus is to have fun! and while doing that raise money for the community. We do this by providing fun, creative, artistic events of which 10% of profits are given to local charities and others in need.

We produce eclectic ,artistic events as a means to have fun by encouraging, promoting and fostering appreciation of the Arts in rural and agricultural communities, while raising funds for local charities.  Ten percent  of profits from each event is accumulated throughout the year and then donated  to a local charity.   We do this by producing a maximum of 5 eclectic arts related events a year, each of which is presented in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. Among others, these events include our Writing in 150 writing competition and our Christmas theatre performance.

In 2018, Amanda Burger and a group of actors decided they wanted to raise money for charity. They formed a group and named it A Bunch of People, as that was what it was; just a bunch of People. They incorporated federally and became a not-for-profit organisation soon after. The organization is managed by Amanda under the authority of a volunteer Board of Directors. A Bunch of People Arts and Events produces eclectic artistic events to encourage fun and Arts in rural and agricultural communities while raising funds for local charities.  10% of profits from each event is donated to charities locally. In our first year, through our Christmas Theatre Production we were able to provide needed funds to a local family. In our second year, along with our Writing in 150 writing contest, our Sing it! singing event and our 2nd Christmas Theatre production we increased our audience and particpants three fold and we double the funds at Christmas that we provided to House of Lazarus; a local community charitable organisation.

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